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Logo Design for growing Youth Ministry.

Logo and Print Branding for a Cupcake Business.

The Sophie House is a Non-Profit dedicated to helping single moms. I was honored to help them with the design and branding for a their first fundraising 5K - most of the proceeds went to support the lifesaving work of a local Breast Cancer research organization.

Eternity Music Academy's goal is to make music education within reach for anyone with a passion to learn. 

Submitted a variety of shirt concepts to Fathom Offshore and one was chosen to be featured in their Spring catalog.

Tree Naturals is an all natural hair and body product line with an Asian influence to create a sense of calm and well being. It was developed to provide moisture to dry, parched hair and skin, but also to make caring for your hair an enjoyable and relaxing experience.  Highly textured hair needs a healthy moisture balance in order for the hair to grow and thrive. Hair that is not properly nourished becomes weak, dry, brittle and eventually will split and break off. Tree Naturals products are formulated with exotic herbs, Fair Trade butters, plant oils and most of all Love.  Our products provide the perfect balance of moisture that hair craves, leading to shinier, healthier and more manageable tresses.  Tree Naturals offers products for men, women and children. 
We also offer ZEN, a hair and beard product line designed specifically for Men.

Rebel in Lace is a new clothing company featuring Southern Rock inspired looks and original designs. Creating the branding and shirt designs for this dynamic mother-daugther duo has been an joy!


3 items

PRINT: Postcards, business cards, signage, flyers

Apparel: Designs for line of fashion-forward Christian apparel 

PRINT:  Branding, series of postcards, packaging, banners, car decal


 I'm a designer, wife and mother of two.  I post my work and on the places where creativity and life’s clutter intersect. Looking for inspiration and finding balance.  Join me on the journey.

A little about me

TwitterRachel4My name is Rachel. Good to meet you. I like caramel coffee, the way patterns of light or color or ideas fit together, and mornings at the ocean. Dislikes include: political ads, conspicuous wealth and mornings in general. Together, my husband Buddy and I are daily challenged and blessed as we raise two children and run one business: By His Designs.

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