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WEB: Designed current site, redesigning updated 2.0 version

My degree is a B.F.A. in Communications Arts and Design, with an emphasis in Illustration, and my first job out of college was as a Medical Illustrator. Eventually that transitioned into graphic design and web design as I partnered with my husband but I will always have the type of art that is created without pixels as my first love. I think that makes me a better designer. I know it makes me a better parent, as I am beginning to find ways to introduce the joy of paint and crayons and collage to my preschool age son.  My daughter still paints primarily with baby food as her medium of choice. I do take on the occasional commissioned portrait or hand painted wine glass set.

Arts in the Alley aims to revitalize inner-city and downtown neighborhoods by cleaning up and revitalizing alleys and streets that are currently in disarray, making them into safer places for residents, schools, and businesses and transform the alleys into a bright, outdoor mural gallery. I have been volunteering as a mural designer and painter with them for the last few years and find it a simple and inspiring way to make our city a brighter place to be.

PRINT: Postcards, business cards, signage, flyers

PRINT: Postcard, sales book, signage, flyers

Apparel: Designs for line of fashion-forward Christian apparel 

PRINT: Postcards, poster, 16pg booklet, business card, program for fashion show

WEB: Website design and programming

PRINT: Branding, logo 

PRINT:  Branding, series of postcards, packaging, banners, car decal


 I'm a designer, wife and mother of two.  I post my work and on the places where creativity and life’s clutter intersect. Looking for inspiration and finding balance.  Join me on the journey.

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TwitterRachel4My name is Rachel. Good to meet you. I like caramel coffee, the way patterns of light or color or ideas fit together, and mornings at the ocean. Dislikes include: political ads, conspicuous wealth and mornings in general. Together, my husband Buddy and I are daily challenged and blessed as we raise two children and run one business: By His Designs.

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