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Latest Work

The U Rock Box

on: 25 February 2012

PRINT:  Branding, series of postcards, packaging, banners, car decal

WEB: E-commerce website, mobile app (in development) 


A client we have worked with for several years had a daughter heading off to college and out of a desire to send amazing care packages with an inspirational twist, an unfilled niche was discovered and a dream was born:

The U Rock Box is a faith based business, that all began when my daughter went off to college.  I wanted to send her a monthly themed care package that she would be stoked to get.  I wanted her to "feel the love" ....all the way from home.   After searching and searching online....they all seemed the same and none had that "U ROCK" wow factor that I was looking for.  In that moment of frustration, The U Rock Box was dreamed up and so we decided to take it a step further.  We've put a cool spin on the "typical" care packages by including a funky designed postcard with a powerful and encouraging message and a relevant scripture.”  Pam Brown, owner: The U Rock Box

The first round of designs was met with some enthusiasm: “RACHEL....wish you could see me JUMPING for JOY at this moment...I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it just as it is!”

I would like to say this is always the response my initial design comps illicit…

All the postcard variations on the original theme have been fun, and came very easily, as well. I credit a confident client with a clear vision for her product -- and the good working relationship we have developed that helps me catch that vision quickly. 

The next phase was taking the designs live on the web in a responsive design, e-commerce solution.

The last step will be the development of a mobile app.

Stay tuned. 

PRINT: Postcards, poster, 16pg booklet, business card, program for fashion show


Return of the Curls is the dream and passion of a dynamic woman who walked away from corporate America to pursue life as an entrepreneur and event planner, “Changing Lives One Curl at a Time.” The inaugural event was a conference and fashion show at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. I came on board to design promotional materials and print pieces for the event. After this first success, it appears the Return of the Curls brand is off and running!

WEB: Branding and web site design


The pastor wanted to create a new logo and website for the historical church in Hyattsville, Maryland that he had recently been called to lead. The community around the church was young, diverse and creative – but the church’s existing branding did not communicate the church’s eagerness to attract and connect with that community in a relevant way.


Tech-savy, the church has truly taken ownership of the management of their own site. After training with us, they have embraced the way the Joomla CMS allows clients the freedom and flexibility to update and maintain their site at their own pace and schedule.


The best complement we get is when we hear that new families are visiting their church after seeing the site.


 I'm a designer, wife and mother of two.  I post my work and on the places where creativity and life’s clutter intersect. Looking for inspiration and finding balance.  Join me on the journey.

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