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PRINT: Postcard, sales book, signage, flyers


De Guate founder Michelle Moore grew up in Guatemala and returns to Guatemala regularly, where she meets with the women who create the unique jewelry, guiding them to combine their native skills, and centuries of culture and history with colors and designs that appeal to American consumers. In bringing handcrafted Guatemalan products to American consumers,  de Guate High Design Handicrafts is building a successful wholesale business providing quality products at affordable prices while helping Guatemalan craftspeople.

It was a pleasure to work with them creating a sales book for their Fall line, as well as some postcards and signage for a trade show where she hoped to expand their market reach. I am still hoping to barter some work for a few of their stunning necklaces…

“You are the best!!! I love it !!!”

Michelle Marie Moore, Owner/Partner at De GuateCrafts

Inspire International

on: 14 April 2012

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PRINT: Book covers, business cards, newsletters, flyers, and brochures


Inspire International’s mission is to create caring communities of hope that teach the Word of God, promote literacy, alleviate poverty and bring hope. They partner with national organizations, mission agencies, denominations and local churches in India to address the needs—both spiritual and physical—of local people groups. Inspire International works to equip Christian leaders, churches and organizations in the Indian subcontinent to serve indigenous Christians as well as unreached peoples. They teach adults how to read and write, uplift the poor, and provide children access to education.  


Over a decade ago the Pastor who leads this ministry saw a brochure I had designed for another client and contacted us about doing some work for them as well. Capturing the colors, textures and spirit of the people the ministry serves was simply a joy. Since then, David Singh has been one of the most influential figures in our lives, and we were even able to participate in a teaching trip to his original ministry location in India.


I had enjoyed designing for Inspire International, but to have the opportunity to visit the people whose lives were being touched by the ministries they provide was truly life changing. Sometimes there are times when the lines between client, pastor, friend and mentor blend a bit and in this case that has made our lives so much richer.


 I'm a designer, wife and mother of two.  I post my work and on the places where creativity and life’s clutter intersect. Looking for inspiration and finding balance.  Join me on the journey.

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