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Latest Work

Connect 804

on: 25 March 2012

PRINT: Postcards, business cards, signage, flyers

WEB: Rebranded mobile-ready website 


Working independently, it is so important to find like minded souls who are also on the entrepreneurial journey and can cheer you on and push you forward. Working with Leah and her team at the consulting collaborative, Connect 804 energizes the rest of my creative, professional life. Inspiration, like sound, cannot exist in a void, and I am simply more inspired when I am looking at my goals through fresh eyes.

While participating in seminars, Masterminds, conferences and networking events I also created whatever materials might be needed to communicate and promote the brand. Also relaunched the website to better reflect the flexible, modern nature of the collaborative work process.

“Rachel has an amazing talent in graphic design. She’s amazing at just listening to you (even when you feel like you don’t have your business idea together) but can somehow just look at what you have and ask the right questions… then make you and your brand look exquisite! Her team helps us at and is helping grow our brand for Richmonders this year! Her talent is extremely diverse and her team can get anything done you could possibly need” Leah Coleman, founder Connect804

The U Rock Box

on: 25 February 2012

PRINT:  Branding, series of postcards, packaging, banners, car decal

WEB: E-commerce website, mobile app (in development) 


A client we have worked with for several years had a daughter heading off to college and out of a desire to send amazing care packages with an inspirational twist, an unfilled niche was discovered and a dream was born:

The U Rock Box is a faith based business, that all began when my daughter went off to college.  I wanted to send her a monthly themed care package that she would be stoked to get.  I wanted her to "feel the love" ....all the way from home.   After searching and searching online....they all seemed the same and none had that "U ROCK" wow factor that I was looking for.  In that moment of frustration, The U Rock Box was dreamed up and so we decided to take it a step further.  We've put a cool spin on the "typical" care packages by including a funky designed postcard with a powerful and encouraging message and a relevant scripture.”  Pam Brown, owner: The U Rock Box

The first round of designs was met with some enthusiasm: “RACHEL....wish you could see me JUMPING for JOY at this moment...I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it just as it is!”

I would like to say this is always the response my initial design comps illicit…

All the postcard variations on the original theme have been fun, and came very easily, as well. I credit a confident client with a clear vision for her product -- and the good working relationship we have developed that helps me catch that vision quickly. 

The next phase was taking the designs live on the web in a responsive design, e-commerce solution.

The last step will be the development of a mobile app.

Stay tuned. 

Jesus Couture

on: 16 March 2012

Apparel: Designs for line of fashion-forward Christian apparel 

Print: Branding, postcards, flyers, booklets, press pack, signage

Web: e-commerce website and graphics for blog


Jesus Couture has been a project on and off for almost a decade, a long-time dream of now established fashion blogger Jammie Chasteen that became reality as we worked side by side at our church office and began planning a way to make this brand a reality.

“Jesus Couture is for the girls girl who loves all fashion and glam, that understands the excitement that flipping thru the glossy pages Septembers fashion issue brings, the ones that hold onto the magic memories of walking around the house in mom’s high heels and just wishing they fit! As Editor in Chief I’m living a dream come true! Never would I have imagined that I would get to do this for God. But he is a true gentleman and wants to give us the desires of our heart. 1 Peter 2:9 proclaims us as his ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. So I say… go ahead… ROCK YOUR ROYALTY”   Jammie Chasteen, Editor, Jesus Couture

Beginning by designing clothing that were sold within the large church we attended the line grew into an entire lifestyle brand. The signature style evolved into distinctive clothing with a subtle Christian message, but bold, attention grabbing graphics targeted to a fashion-savy demographic generally ignored by religious apparel makers. It soon became successful on-line through an e-commerce website that also offered an inspirational fashion blog, and the brand was even carried in local C28 stores.  

Relaunching from the west coast soon.

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